A recent example of my exclusive service:

One of my clients (of 12 years) just got a new puppy. Because I'm not your typical pet sitter, I'm able to spend 2 hours helping to train, socialize & play with their puppy.

I love what I do!


When we stay overnight, your home is my "home base".

Unlike most other sitters, I'm not just there during evening hours. While you are away, I am the companion to your companion. Keeping your pets at home in their regular routines, eases any stress or anxiety from your absence.

Your pets may not even notice you left!

Not only do you have the confidence of your pets being well cared for, but your also have the added security of a house sitter.

30 Minutes

What distinguishes our services from all others is that we are not your typical rushed pet sitters.

You & your pets become family.

We go above & beyond to help in every situation. 

$20 per 30 minute visit (playing; cleaning litter; changing water, etc).

$20 per 30 minute visit (walking or playing; feeding, changing water, administer medications etc.)

30 Minutes

Starting at $20/visit

Starting at $20/visit 


Starting at $75/night



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